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White House denounces bombing in S. Sudan


13:19, November 11, 2011

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- The United States on Thursday "strongly condemned" the aerial bombardment of the town of Yida in South Sudan,allegedly by the Sudan Armed Forces, the White House said in a statement.

Jay Carney, White House spokesman, said that Yida hosts more than 20,000 refugees who have fled the ongoing conflict in the Sudanese state of Southern Kordofan, where international humanitarian workers and UN staff have been working to provide food and shelter for the refugees.

"This bombing of civilians and humanitarian workers is an outrageous act, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions," he said, adding this "abhorrent" attack follows other aerial bombardments undertaken by the Sudan Armed Forces on Tuesday near the international border.

Warning that these "provocative" bombardments greatly increase the potential for direct confrontation between Sudan and South Sudan, Carney called on the Sudanese government to halt aerial bombardments immediately, and urged the South Sudan government to exercise restraint to prevent further escalation of hostilities.

Officials from South Sudan claimed that a military aircraft from Sudan dropped bombs Thursday in and around a camp in Yida, killing at least 12 people.

The Sudan Armed Forces have denied the claim. Sawarmi Khaled Saad, spokesman for the Sudan Armed Forces, told Xinhua that "the army has no knowledge of any air raid or operation on the international borders between Sudan and South Sudan."

South Sudan won independence from Sudan on July 9, but some thorny issues remain unresolved between the two sides, including oil revenues and external debt sharing, border demarcation and the status of the oil-rich Abyei region.

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