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Bomber plane crashes in S Philippines, 2 pilots hurt


15:06, November 09, 2011

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- Two military pilots were hurt when their plane crashed Wednesday in this southern Philippine city.

According to Lt. Col. Randolf Cabangbang, spokesman for the Western Mindanao Command, the OV10 bronco bomber plane with body number 801 was on a routine test when it crashed around 9:50 a.m. local time at the Edwin Andrews Air Base while it was trying to make an emergency landing.

He said the test pilots of the ill-fated plane ejected and bailed out successfully from the aircraft seconds before it hit the ground. They're undergoing medical checkup at the base's clinic.

Cabangbang identified the pilots as Maj. Trajano and Lt. Buscas. Trajano suffered fracture while Buscas sustained minor injuries.

"They are now safe. They were trying to land the plane as one engine had trouble," he said.

The pilots tried to bring down the plane safely but the sudden gust of wind forced the aircraft to fly out of its landing path prompting the pilots to eject within the altitude of 50 to 60 meters.

The plane hit the ground and subsequently exploded.

Cabangbang said the plane, on a maintenance flight when the accident happened, was a "total wreck."

Military officials are investigating the incident.

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