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Sino-Pakistani drill not targeted at India

(China Daily)

10:39, November 09, 2011

New Delhi media get into frenzy over joint anti-terrorism exercise

BEIJING - The Ministry of National Defense on Tuesday dismissed Indian reports that China and Pakistan are holding a joint military exercise to put pressure on New Delhi, and said the anti-terror drill is not targeted at any third country.

"According to the annual exchange plan between China and Pakistan's militaries, the two armies will hold the 'Friendship 2011' joint anti-terror exercise near Islamabad," the Information Office of the Ministry of National Defense told China Daily.

"This is the first joint drill of the two armies this year and is not targeted at any third nation. It is aimed at enhancing the capability of the two militaries to handle non-traditional security threats and launch joint anti-terror activities," the office said in a written reply.

A report in the Times of India on Saturday said China will hold a drill with Pakistan "at the international border", which it said is "the second joint desert war game in this area within three months".

"China is believed to be once again trying to put pressure on India through the Pakistani border adjoining Rajasthan," the report quoted intelligence sources as saying.

The two-week exercise will begin on Nov 16, it said.

The report said China is extending strategic help to Pakistan in every way. "China is not only providing arms but is also helping upgrade Pakistan's tank, weapons, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), ammunition etc."

It claimed that the presence of the Chinese army has "reached the desert areas of opposite Rajasthan on the Pakistani border, which is dangerous for India".

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Zhongyin at 2011-11-09121.249.31.*
If china is saying that India shouldn't have any problem when they do joint militry drill then China also shouldn't have nay problem when India and japan doing the same. India will also do the same drills with Vietnaam, Phillipines, South korea and Tazikistan. don;t be so arrogant dear..economic power dnt mean to treat another countries as chinese media doing.

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