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Greek people to welcome new gov't with mixed feelings


09:51, November 08, 2011

ATHENS, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- As talks on forming a new Greek government between political leaders were underway on Monday, Greeks waited anxiously for the announcement of the new prime minister's name with mixed feelings.

There were those who followed the news closely yet nervously on local television channels over the last three days, while there were also those who believed that the new government, regardless its key figures, will not secure a safe future.

"Of course, the fact that the two sides have agreed is good for Greece, as our country will avoid bankruptcy, but still the loan agreement imposed by troika is really painful for every family," Yiannis Foskolos told Xinhua in central Athens, referring to the deal reached on Sunday night between outgoing Prime Minister George Papandreou and main opposition leader Antonis Samaras.

"I'm 31 years old, I work but I still think very seriously about leaving my country, because I can't live with 1,000 euros (1,378.4 U.S. dollars) or less with such high living cost," Foskolos added.

Moreover, many in Greece were skeptical about the ongoing political negotiations, holding the caretaker government's integrity in question.

"I hope they are really united and that they will get us out of this crisis. It's the most important thing and of course I hope they will not worry who will come first in the next elections," said local resident Despina Konstantinidou, who was speaking on Syntagma square in front of the Greek parliament building.

Konstantinidou stressed that "they must be honest in trying to solving our problems, which is financial and social crisis at this point."

"I honestly can't say I prefer a political figure or a technocrat. I prefer a person that will be accepted by the society and who will be honest on his intentions, who will do something for the Greek people," she added.

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