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Syria's gov't forces arrest, kill gunmen in unrest-torn Homs: TV


09:31, November 08, 2011

DAMASCUS, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Syrian government forces arrested Monday a number of gunmen in the central province of Homs and killed others, the private Addounia TV reported.

The report said government forces entered Bab Amro area in Homs that has been witnessing ferocious clashes over the past months as the area is known to be a stronghold of armed men and weapons smugglers.

The unrest-torn Homs has emerged as the hotbed of anti- government protests and one of the most volatile areas in Syria, where clashes between gunmen and government forces have become a daily occurrence.

Syria has overtly charged that some countries are behind the unrest in the country and even fund what it called armed terrorist groups it blames for killing hundreds of policemen and military personnel across the country since the start of violence in mid March.

Syria also says weapons have been smuggled into the country and reached the hands of those groups via neighboring countries.

On the other side, the broad-based opposition Syrian National Council chastised the government's operation in Homs and declared the city as a "disaster area."

The broad-based group called also for international protection for civilians and for sending Arab and international observers to eye the situation closely.

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