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6.3 magnitude earthquake hits Pakistan


08:31, November 08, 2011

ISLAMABAD- Strong tremors were felt in many parts of Pakistan when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the country on Monday afternoon, reported local media Geo.

The report quoted Pakistan Meteorological Department as saying that an earthquake measuring 6.3 magnitude in Richter scale hit the country at about 5:20 pm (local time) with the epicenter lying 214 kilometers northwest of the country's capital Islamabad in the Hindu Kush mountainous range along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area.

The focus of the quake was some 200 kilometers down the earth, said an official with Pakistan Meteorological Department, adding that no casualties or any loss of properties have been received yet.

Earthquake tremors were felt in many parts of the country, ranging from Peshawar in northwest to Gilgit Baltistan in north and Lahore in east. Jolts were also felt in capital Islamabad and its adjacent city of Rawalpindi.

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