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Iran says U.S., Israel dare not to attack its nuclear facilities


07:59, November 08, 2011

TEHRAN, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- A member of Iran's Assembly of Experts Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi said that the United States and Israel dare not to attack the Islamic Republic, the English language satellite Press TV reported Monday.

They have to pay a heavy price for any military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, Alavi was quoted as saying.

Washington and Tel Aviv are aware of the fact that putting their anti-Iran threats into practice would cost them dearly, and thus they would not become involved in such "folly," he said Sunday.

The United States and Israel know that such empty threats cannot intimidate Iran, he said, adding that they would receive a crushing response if they ever attack the Islamic Republic.

Recent tension between Iran and the West over Iran's sensitive nuclear program has raised concerns that the United States and Israel may consider a possible military strike on Iran's nuclear sites.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is expected this week to release a report on Iran's nuclear program, which is likely to hint at Iran's engagement in nuclear weapons work despite UN sanctions.

Tehran repeatedly insisted on "peaceful" aspect of its nuclear program, but the United States and its western allies worry that Iran would use the uranium enrichment to make nuclear weapons.

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John RD Kidd at 2011-11-09217.155.113.*
BRENT CRUDE AT $200 IF ISRAEL ATTACKS IRANBrent crude is likely to rise to over US$200 a barrel if, or when, Israel attacks Iran, and world commodities will increase proportionately.Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is now convinced that the American Israel lobby has sufficient influence over congress to be assured that the US will be reluctantly obliged to join in to what will be a catastrophe for the Middle East and beyond. There is one probability that cannot be ruled out and that is an escalation that will oblige Israel to deploy her nuclear arsenal in defense of her cities.Once that occurs, the whole of the region and Europe could be engulfed in a nuclear conflict that would cause untold thousands of deaths of Iranians, Israelis, Americans and Europeans.If Israel is so unwise as to attack Iran in defiance of the UN, Russia, China, Germany and NATO then it will have to bear what will likely be the terrible consequences. There is only one way to avoid this devastating conflict and that is negotiation, plus a UNSC resolution to designate the entire Middle East that includes both IRAN and ISRAEL, a NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE ZONE.The United Nations Security Council needs to act.________________________________________
Hammad Sethi at 2011-11-0892.25.140.*
It is very obvious that the Christian West will no longer be able to start a Crusade against the Muslim world in the name of Terrorism, Nuclear proliferation, Secularism, Equality, Respect for human rights, Democracy, or Freedom. It will also not be possible for White Catholics to use Britain and hide behind Britain and start a war. It will also be interesting to see if Britain will allow the Muslims to keep the cushy jobs that Britain has dished out to Muslims in the last 15 years to solidify its credentials of the champion of Secularism, democracy, and freedom, while it planned a crusade against the Muslim world with the rest of the Christian West.

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