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Japan seizes Chinese boat, detain the captain

(Global Times)

15:59, November 07, 2011

Coast guard officers in Japan's Nagasaki detained a Chinese boat and its captain on Sunday on charges of violating fishing laws, according to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

The news agency reported that Zhang Tianxiong, the 47-year-old captain, steered his fishing boat into Japan's territorial waters at 9:30 am on Sunday. The Nagasaki coast guard signaled him to stop, but the ship changed direction and tried to elude patrols.

The boat was captured at about 3 pm the same day after hours of chasing.

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PD User at 2011-11-10125.254.40.*
Poor Yankee, I suppose you don't have anything else to do queuing in those 9% unemployment lines.Keep queuing suckers.Overseas Chinese
PD User at 2011-11-10173.183.78.*
The devious Japs of the Democratic Party of Japland is worse than a "pain in the neck" for the Chinese.These morons are deliberately trying to provoke the Chinese government and the people, thinking crookedly that the hegemony U.S. is always on their side.By depicting the Chinese as an enemy, the Japs will one day have to swallow their diabolic actions...mark my word! Then it will be too late for the Japs to regret!!!
PD User at 2011-11-09173.183.78.*
The Japs are testing the will of the Chinese and see how they respond in the so-called arrest of our fishing captain and the detention of the boat.China should not rest and use diplomatic pressure for the immediate release of the boat and the crew at once.If this is not done than the Japs will go all out to harass our fishing boats at sea.The Japs only respect last year incident...
Radi at 2011-11-0890.206.65.*
China is such a pain in the neck . Poor Japan.
Test it !! at 2011-11-0860.50.223.*
If the drama happened in the territorial water of China, then China's subs should have torpedoed the jap pirates (coast guards or not) and boat. Whereas, if it was inside the jap water legally recognised by China, then the captives asked for troubles themselves. No more question!!

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