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Police confirms gunmen seize three S.Korean miners in S. Philippines


11:01, November 07, 2011

COTABATO, Philippines, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- State police confirmed on Monday gunmen are holding three South Koreans miners who have gone missing recently after a mission to inspect a mining site in the southern Philippines.

Senior Superintendent Orlando Vinas, Lanao del Sur provincial police commander, said Monday there was still no word from armed men holding the victims Woo Shu Bong, Kim Nam Dou and a certain Choi in the remote areas of the province.

The foreigners failed to return to their hotel in the city of Cagayan de Oro after a trip to inspect a mining area in the province on Oct. 30.

Vinas said they are searching for the victims' tour guides who accompany his clients before the abduction.

Based on their latest information, the police official said the hostages were being kept by their kidnappers in an area within Lake Lanao and there was no ransom demand so far.

Von Al Haq, spokesman for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, told Xinhua by phone they have mobilized their men under Ad Hoc Joint Action Group to track down the kidnappers.

AHJAG governs cooperation between the military and the rebel group in running after criminal groups in Mindanao .

"We are helping government troops in rescue efforts for the abducted foreigners. We are hopeful it will have a positive result, " Al Haq said.

In March 2008, Muslim rebels kidnapped a South Korean businessman Tae Jung and his Filipino companion in the province of Lanao del Sur province. They were freed by their captors two months after paying ransom.

In 1993, eight South Korean engineers working on a construction site were also seized by Muslim rebels in the province of North Cotabato.

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