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Marchers protest against high jobless rate in London


13:28, November 06, 2011

Jarrow marchers hold a demonstration in central London Nov. 5, 2011. A group of marchers protesing against high unemployment rate by re-enacting the 1936 Jarrow March for jobs, in which 207 jobless people marched from northeast England's Jarrow town to London, completed their one-month trek of some 450 kilometers on Saturday. According to the British Office for National Statistics, Britain's unemployed population surged to a 17-year high last August, with 2.57 million people out of work. (Xinhua/Bimal Gautam)

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I am the 99% at 2011-11-06220.255.2.*
Yes, it is the elite ( 1% of the population ) in the West that create so much problems for the 99% of the population. In fact it is this same 1% ( the elite, rich and the powerful ) that control the media and TV stations in the West that brainwashed the 99% of the population. After brainwashed the 99%, these 99% are the one that are sent to the war zone to kill the innocents and to die for the 1% objectives. The 1% ( and their children ) were NEVER EVER send to the war zone at all !!
endi at 2011-11-06120.165.7.*
most of the protesters are young people without having the future(jobless, no money and no everything) , which is now becoming a trend in many European countries, this proves that their democratic system, has failed
yccy1001 at 2011-11-06115.236.82.*
Good report, please keep going on.

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