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South Africa denies Gaddafi's family relocated to the country


10:25, October 27, 2011

PRETORIA, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation on Wednesday denied that former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's family was heading to South Africa.

Media citing Algerian's Al-Shuruk reported that all Gaddafi's surviving relatives planned to travel to South Africa.

"It is not true," the Department of International Relations and Cooperation department's spokesman Clayson Monyela told Xinhua in a telephonic interview.

On Oct. 21, Zuma said in Pretoria that instead of being killed, Gaddafi should have been captured and tried at the International Court of Justice when he addressed a joint media briefing with visiting Equatorial Guinea president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Zuma undertook two trips to Libya in 2011, on behalf of a high- level AU ad hoc committee, to try to help find a solution in Libya.


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Satish Chandra at 2011-10-2799.244.82.*
OCTOBER 20, 2011 GADDAFI'S CRIME: FAILURE TO USE HIS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AGAINST WASHINGTON & NEW YORK BEFORE THE U. S. OR EUROPEAN COUNTRIES DID ANY THING AGAINST LIBYA//The crimes of successive U. S. presidents are millions of times greater than any crimes Gaddafi may have committed. His only crime was failure to use his weapons of mass destruction against Washington & New York, with a warning that additional U. S. and European cities such as London & Paris will be destroyed if there is any retaliation, BEFORE the U. S. or other western countries did any thing against Libya.//October 22, 2011: I hope Pakistan realizes that it is not enough to say that Pakistan is a nuclear weapons state and the United States will have to think ten times before attacking Pakistan; through the drone attacks and in numerous other ways the United States is already attacking Pakistan; if Pakistan waits for the United States to escalate its attacks, it will be a grievous mistake; the key to victory over the United States is in destroying Washington and New York WITHOUT WAITING, with the warning that additional U. S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation. //October 24, 2011: Before the U. S. attack on Libya, including special operations and air war, Gaddafi in recent years was working with the CIA to eliminate Al Qaeda in North Africa and in 2009 published an Op-Ed article in the New York Times saying that the jews' violence against Palestinians, driving millions of them out of their homes and into refugee camps where they remain, "never happened" and that the Palestinians left their homes due to "rumors" of violence; let him try saying that the jews' 'holocaust' during World War II "never happened". In a letter dated December 22, 1982 to Indira Gandhi as prime minister I wrote "There was sudden, terminal, overwhelming violence against me in a seminar at Harvard University ... India can expect sudden, annihilatory violence ... with nuclear weapons ... ." This violence occurred after the great man of the field, at Harvard -- whose worldwide reputation according to a survey exceeded the combined reputation of over 30 Nobel Prize winners in the Boston area -- wrote to me "How much I admire what you have done ... with breath-taking results. ... Seldom have I read a paper that seemed to me to contain so much that was new and forward moving", etc. Military men know the importance of surprise. When the U. S. Secretary of State made conciliatory noises toward Pakistan yesterday because of the above paragraph of mine, that will make a surprise attack by the United States all the more effective unless Pakistan destroys Washington and New York first, BEFORE the United States does any thing, with a warning that additional U. S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them by its special forces, if there is any retaliation. //October 25, 2011: The Bharat-Rakshak forum has a thread titled "Genocide Denial: the war against history", but it has no mention of the British having killed over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857: The Guardian (August 24, 2007, Internet, report by Randeep Ramesh): "India's secret history: "A holocaust, one where millions disappeared ... ". Author says British reprisals involved the killing of 10 m, spread over 10 years ... "; see my blog below. India's CIA-RAW-controlled government and media are dedicated to facilitating what I referred to three decades ago in a letter to the New York Times as "the fraud and crime, with genocidal intent, collectively practised by Americans against India and perhaps other countries ...". Just a couple days ago India's Foreign Minister referred to the United States as a 'friendly country'.//October 26, 2011: The full sentence, which I have reproduced in part in the paragraph above, was 'I am writing to ask that you use your column to bring these crimes by your countrymen against an Indian scientist and what they show about the fraud and crime, with genocidal intent, collectively practised by Americans against India and perhaps other countries to light'. The suppression of the holocaust committed by the British killing ten million Indians in ten years and of the crimes against the Indian scientist both have the same purpose -- to prevent India from taking action to defend itself. Instead, CIA-RAW fills the media and the public mind with soothing propaganda about the United States as India's heavenly friend. Both Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were killed by the United States because they sought to build nuclear weapons to defend against the United States. India and Pakistan have the opportunity to destroy this enemy by destroying Washington and New York with a warning that additional U. S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation. //October 27, 2011: India has had its nuclear warheads emplaced in Washington, New York and other U. S. cities for some time now, well before Pakistan's warheads, but India has not yet destroyed Washington and New York. This leaves it to Pakistan to destroy Washington and New York. Pakistan's population, which has not been so propagandized in favor of the United States as India's, by and large considers the United States its Number One Enemy and Pakistan is very likely to go ahead with the destruction of Washington and New York. If India continues to be 'friendly' toward the United States, Pakistan will consider it necessary to destroy New Delhi along with Washington and New York with a warning that additional Indian cities, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore, will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation. India can only avoid having its cities destroyed by itself destroying Washington and New York before Pakistan does so. India's CIA-RAW government, whose loyalty is to the United States not India, will not do so and will take India down along with itself. This will be appropriate punishment for India's slavish and stupid people. //The following are posts I made on September 26 '11 on the Pakistan Defence Forum:-//Re: how to defend against a possible US invasion of Pakistan ?//------------START OF POST------------------//Pakistan can do what India has done; see [my] thread titled 'How India Will Win a Nuclear War With the United States Starting Now' in the India Defence forum. Briefly, India has said that its nuclear warheads have been emplaced -- by its special forces -- in various cities/countries including Washington and New York. The nuclear destruction of these two cities, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed if there is any retaliation, is the first step in the implementation of India's National Security Doctrine. The only way the United States will be able to keep several additional cities from being destroyed is by doing nothing in return. Five years later India can finish the job with its coast-to-coast destruction. India's victory in this depends on destroying Washington and New York, with its nuclear warheads already emplaced in these cities, BEFORE the United States does any thing, with a warning that additional U. S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them, if there is any retaliation. Note that only one nuclear warhead of about twenty kiloton per city is needed to do the job.// ...The point is that India's nuclear forces obey Satish Chandra; he does not need India's conventional forces or the rest of the government or citizenry to defend India. India's prime minister Manmohan Singh, an American boot-licker until now, avoided meeting the American president Obama while in New York to attend the U. N. General Assembly session last week and met Iran's president instead -- because of the fear of Satish Chandra. The point so far as this thread is concerned is that Pakistan does not need its conventional forces -- which in fact will be worthless against the United States -- to defend against the United States; it needs only its nuclear warheads -- it does not even need missiles -- emplaced by its special forces in Washington, New York and other U. S. cities, used in the manner I have prescribed in my earlier posts in this thread, for victory over the United States.//-----------------END OF POST----------------------//I am India's expert in stategic defence, the father of India's strategic program including the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program, the world's greatest scientist (my biography can be found in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, 2011 and earlier editions) and India's legitimate ruler.//For more, see GaddafiCrimeDOTblogspotDOTcom or my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U. S.' which can be found by a Google/Yahoo search with the title. //Satish Chandra

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