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Doubts over Gaddafi burial, capture of son, as Libya to celebrate "liberation"


08:53, October 22, 2011

TRIPOLI, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- As Libya's new rulers are scheduled to announce over the weekend the "liberation" of the country after the death of fallen leader Muammar Gaddafi, mist still exists over the burial of the former leader as well as the whereabouts of his second-eldest son Saif al-Islam.

After Gaddafi was captured alive but died of bullet injuries in his hometown Sirte in northern Libya, his body has been transferred to Misrata, a town which suffered heavily during clashes between Gaddafi's forces and fighters of the now ruling National Transitional Council (NTC).

In spite of reports shortly after Gaddafi's death that he should be buried on Friday in accordance with Islamic traditions, his body is still kept in a commercial freezer in a shopping center in Misrata, located between Sirte and the capital Tripoli, in a bid to prevent angry civilians from taking revenge on the dead body of the country's top figure for over four decades.

Earlier on Friday, a source close to the NTC's information office told Xinhua that it is possible that the burial would be delayed for some time due to discussions among Libya's new rulers.

More accurate investigations will take time, the source said. However, senior NTC leaders are yet to confirm on either the date or a delay.

In the meantime, an official of Misrata's military council, who asked not to be named, told Xinhua Friday that discussions were still underway on the ritual, date and location for the burial of Gaddafi, with some people proposing Gaddafi be buried at sea.

Less than half a day after Gaddafi's death on Thursday, Mahmoud Jibril, head of the NTC's executive committee, told reporters that Gaddafi's body might be buried in Libya or abroad, but one certain thing is that it would be in an undisclosed location.

Jibril said the coroners have collected the DNA samples of Gaddafi and his fourth son Mutassim, who was also captured in Sirte Thursday but died soon after in murky circumstances. He said forensic reports would be attached with pictures for submission to the International Criminal Court.

The United Nations on Friday called for a comprehensive investigation into Gaddafi's death to make clear that whether the former Libyan leader was killed in purpose by the NTC fighters, after Gaddafi's widow Safia requested a look into the circumstances of her husband's death through the Syria-based Arrai TV channel, the sole remaining pro-Gaddafi media which has broadcasted episodes of Gaddafi's sound recordings after he was driven away from the capital nearly two months ago.

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PD User at 2011-10-23203.84.170.*
Imperialist US and friends says no need for Gadhafi"s DNA they already got Libyan premium oil.
PD User at 2011-10-23203.84.170.*
Why are US-NATO-NT very certain to bury the body of Gadhafi abroad or in undisclosed location? Are they afraid that the body they are burying are not the bodies of Gadhafis? Why not let the independentRussian, Venezuelan, Cuban and Chinese medical community examines the bodies of the Gadhafi father and son?
oh at 2011-10-2324.131.184.*
oh, any small state leaders whom still sleep well is no true leader after seeing this inhuman killing of Gaddafi. Does not matter who evil this guy is, he deserved a clean bullet to his head (like Kennedy) instead of this kind of humiliation. Any power states that give the aide (aids) to conduct this kind of murder are guilty beyond human punishment, only the mighty god would do the punishment through hurricane,floods, tornado, and earth quake. just have to wait and see how heavy these nations will suffered in the future.
a.puthu at 2011-10-2280.108.126.*
after 40 years relentless trying change is your case a single lapse will be devastating.dealing with indian aryan pawn,atom vote was ill funded
PD User at 2011-10-22221.8.4.*
DNA?best answer to the world?

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