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Nine insurgents killed in Afghanistan: gov't


10:26, September 29, 2011

KABUL, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Nine armed insurgents killed, three wounded and nine others were arrested by Afghan National Security Forces over the past 24 hours in Afghanistan, according to a statement released by Ministry of Interior on Wendesday.

Five joint military operations are launched in surrounding areas of the Kunduz, Balkh, Helmand and Logar provinces with the support of National Directorate of Security (NDS)and NATO-led ISAF coalition forces. As a result, nine armed insurgents were killed, three wounded and nine others were arrested by Afghan National Police.

Afghan National Police also discovered and seized a large number of weapons and ammunitions, including 28 AK-47 assault rifles, four rockets, four pistols, one suicide vest, three anti- vehicle mines, nine hand grenades, 4kg IEDs and 50 mine fuses.

During these operations, Afghan National Police seized 100 kg heroin, 5,935 kg morphine, 2,860 kg chemicals, 89kg opium and 3, 280 kilograms sodium carbonate, it said. In another development, Afghan security forces backed by NATO- led coalition forces, killed 11 insurgents during a night raid operation in eastern Nangarhar province on Tuesday night, provincial government said in a statement on Wednesday.

A local Taliban commander named Zar Mohammad was also killed in the operation conducted in Spin Zar district of Nangarhar province 120 km east of capital Kabul, the statement said adding "No civilian or security forces were injured in the raid," Afghan and ISAF officials often use the word "insurgents" for referring to Taliban insurgents.

The insurgent group, who stepped up their attacks on Afghan and about 140, 000 ISAF troops stationed in the country since a spring rebel offensive was launched in May this year in the country, has yet to make comments.


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