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U.S. designates Haqqani network as terrorist group


10:09, September 29, 2011

WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Washington is in final review on decision to designate the Haqqani network as a terrorist organization.

"We're in the final, formal review that has to be undertaken to make a government-wide decision to designate the network as a foreign terrorist organization," Clinton told reporters at a joint press conference with visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamel Amr.

She said the U.S. has already slapped sanctions on the key leaders of Haqqani network which was blamed for the recent attacks on U.S. embassy in Afghanistan.

"We're going to continue to struggle against terrorism, and in particular against those who have taken up safe havens inside Pakistan," said Clinton.

She vowed to continue to work with the Pakistani counterparts to try to "root them out" and "prevent them from attacking Pakistanis, Americans, Afghans, or anyone else."

Chairman of U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen last week publicly accused Pakistan of backing the Haqqani network and exporting violence to Afghanistan. Mullen's words prompted furious response from Pakistan who has been an important player on the U.S. war in Afghanistan, sending the already damaged U.S.-Pakistani relations to a new low.


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