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India to display sketches on Bengal famine in 1940s


10:54, September 28, 2011

NEW DELHI, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Indian capital will give an exhibition of sketches by a left-wing artist on the 1943-44 Bengal famine which killed 3 million people in eastern India.

Sketches from the Bengal famine series by Chittaprasad Bhattacharya will be exhibited at the India International Center here Thursday by the Delhi Art Gallery during the Delhi edition of the Kovalam Literary Festival, said the Indo-Asian News Service Tuesday.

The famine series by the painters based on his tour of Midnapore in West Bengal in 1943 to 1944, when Bhattacharya was inducted into the Communist Party of India and sent to cover the famine.

Bhattacharya traveled extensively through the famine-impacted areas, drawing and writing about his experiences in the party paper, "People's War".


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