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Ireland supports Palestinian statehood bid


17:15, September 27, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Irish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Eamon Gilmore said here on Monday that the recognition of Palestinian statehood would give dignity and support to the Palestinian people who have suffered for too long.

The statement came as Gilmore addressed the general debate of the UN General Assembly, which entered its fifth day here on Monday.

The decision of President Abbas to seek Palestine's membership of the United Nations is entirely legitimate and understandable. Palestine has the same right to membership of the United Nations as Ireland or any other member of this organization, " he said.

He said that the Palestinian statehood would be a tangible demonstration of the commitment of the international community and the UN to an agreed settlement between two sovereign states, living side by side in peace, security and prosperity.

"Ireland has long been an advocate for the establishment of a sovereign, independent Palestinian state within borders based on those of 1967. We want to see the peoples of Palestine and Israel living as good neighbors in peace, security and prosperity," he added.

He pointed out that some would seek to argue that Palestine cannot be recognized as a State because its borders remain to be agreed. "But if the borders of Palestine are still a matter for negotiation, then so, by definition, are those of Israel which is rightly a full member of the UN," he stressed.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to begin consultations on Monday afternoon on Palestine's application for the full UN membership, the first time for the UN body to discuss the Palestinian statehood bid since the request was formally presented to the world body last Friday.


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