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One killed, 9 injured in mysterious explosion in Argentina


16:53, September 27, 2011

BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- A Peruvian woman was killed and at least nine others injured in a mysterious explosion near the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires on Monday, local firefighters said.

Witnesses from the neighborhood in the Monte Grande district, some 35 km from Buenos Aires, told Xinhua that "a bright ball fell from the sky" before they heard a strong explosion which completely destroyed a house, causing damage to other houses and crushing several vehicles.

Yet authorities said that despite investigations, the cause of the incident remained a mystery.

"Until now, we still don't know what happened. Our experts have started preliminary investigations to specify what caused the explosion," said Monte Grande Firefighters Chief Guillermo Perez. Another official source said the explosion may have been caused by space junk or a meteorite.

The woman who died was identified as Silvia Espinoza, 43, from Peru. The injured, none in life-threatening condition, were taken to local hospitals.

"We are evaluating all the theories considering it could have been an explosion or some strange object coming from an aerial way," said Municipal Justice and Security Chief Ricardo Casal, adding that no crater was found but instead a "very concrete focalized igneous point caused by an expansive wave."


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