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2 Venezuelan planes make emergency landings, no injures


14:25, September 27, 2011

CARACAS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Two Venezuelan airplanes were forced to make emergency landings just hours apart on Monday, but no passengers or crew were injured in either incident, transportation authorities said.

In the first incident, an airplane from the local Aeropostal company with 125 passengers aboard was forced to land at 0855 local time (1325 GMT) in the Manuel Carlos Piar International Airport near the city of Puerto Ordaz in the southeastern state of Bolivar after registering failure of the plane's motors.

Four hours later, at 1317 local time (1747 GMT), an aircraft from the Acerca Airline with 90 passengers aboard was forced to make a second emergency landing at the Carlos Piar airport, after smoke was detected in the cabinet shortly after take-off.

In both incidents the aircraft in use was a DC-9 model of the U. S. aircraft manufacturer McDonnel Douglass, a twin-engine plane which is popular with airlines worldwide for domestic and short- haul routes less than two hours.

Both flights were traveling between Puerto Ordaz and Venezuela' s main international airport of Maiquetia near Caracas to the airport of Puerto Ordaz, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said.

Lorllys Ramos, president of the MTC's Civil Aviation Accidents Investigation Board (Jiaac), said experts from Jiaac were investigating the cause of the incidents.

Monday's two separate incidents took to three times in a month that local Venezuelan airplanes have been forced to make an emergency landing, and in all three incidents the aircraft in use was a DC-9 model.

On Aug. 23, a flight with 95 passengers of the local Laser airline was forced to return to Maiquetia airport north of Caracas due to electrical problems in the cabin.


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