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Indonesia reiterates support for Palestinian rights


09:21, September 27, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia on Monday voiced strong support for Palestinian rights and commitment which will continue "unabated" towards their aspiration for statehood.

The statement came as Marty Natalegawa, Indonesia's foreign affairs minister, addressed the general debate of the UN General Assembly's 66th session, which entered its fifth day here.

"Indonesia's support for the legitimate aspirations and rights of the people of Palestine - to live in freedom, peace, justice and dignity in their own homeland - has been steadfast and will continue unabated," he said.

"Naturally, therefore Indonesia strongly supports Palestine's present quest for full membership in the United Nations," he said.

Natalegawa called such membership is "consistent with the vision of two states solution; of a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East."

"Indeed, the recent heightened world-wide focus on the issue of Palestine can and must be challenged in a constructive way; towards the promotion of an inclusive partnership among nations - one that leads to the fulfillment of the historic responsibilities shouldered by our United Nations."

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has become a salient issue at the 66th session, due in large part to Palestine's statehood bid.

On Friday, the same day that the Palestinians submitted their application for statehood at the UN headquarters, the diplomatic Quartet for Middle East peace, comprised of the European Union (EU) , the UN, Russia and the United States, came up with a new plan to bring the two parties together for peace negotiations.

The Security Council met behind closed doors for the first time after the Palestinian application was formally presented to the United Nations.

Lebanese UN Ambassador Nawaf Salam, who holds the rotating Council presidency for September, announced after the consultations that the 15-member council will have a formal meeting on Wednesday.


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