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4 killed, 128 injured in ship fire in Indonesia


09:18, September 27, 2011

JAKARTA, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- A passenger ship was burned after collision with a tugboat in a river at South Kalimantan of Indonesia on Monday, killing four people and injuring 128 others, rescuers said.

The Marina Nusantara ship, sailing from Surabaya city, the capital of East Java toward Barjarmasin city of South Kalimantan collided with the tugboat pulling a tanker loaded with coal in Barito river of Banjarmasin city, head of Search and Rescue Office in South Kalimantan Rusliansyah told Xinhua by phone.

"Four people were killed," another rescuer at the scene Andi Zainudin told Xinhua by phone.

As many as 58 out of the 128 wounded persons suffered from serious injury and they had been treated at hospitals in Banjarmasin city, Iman Syahputra, spokesman of the rescue office told Xinhua by phone.

The spokesman said that at least 553 people were on board during the accident, including 443 passengers (based on the ship manifest) and some 100 crews. But he said the number could be more than that as the real number of passengers on board in Indonesia was normally more than that recorded at the manifest.

Until Monday evening, the authorities still could not confirm the number of missing persons and whether any people were killed in the ship.

"We still can not enter the ship as it is still being burned. We do not know if there are bodies in it," Syahputra said on Monday evening.

Taking ship is a favorite transport means in the archipelago country with over 17,500 islands, but the lack of safety standard has often triggered sea accidents.


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