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Malaysia backs Palestine's UN membership request


13:24, September 26, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- Malaysia strongly supports Palestine's plea for a full membership in the United Nations and rebuked Israel's claim that Palestinian's refusal to accept the Jewish state was the core of the conflict, its foreign ministry said on Sunday.

"Malaysia totally rejects the arguments forwarded by Israel as to why the peace process has stalled, especially with regard to the issue of illegal settlements in the West Bank," the ministry said in a statement, insisting that the illegal settlements are the core of the problem and have to be removed.

"The Government of Malaysia is of the view that the membership in the United Nations would not jeopardize the peace process... It is time for those who opposed the membership of Palestine in the United Nations to listen to the voice of the majority, which was obvious by the standing ovation that President Mahmoud Abbas received (at the UN General Assembly)," it added.

Abbas, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization formally requested full United Nations membership for his undefined territory.

He said in his announcement at the United Nations general assembly said the Palestinians are the last people in the world to be occupied and if Israel's settlement policy is allowed to continue, it would undermine the structure and existence of the Palestinian Authority.

Netanyahu snubbed Palestine's application as "premature" and that its admission in the UN would risk Israel's security.

Malaysia's foreign ministry deemed the offer by Israel to have immediate talks and the efforts by the Quartet -- the U.S., the UN, the European Union and Russia, to reschedule negotiations within one month a desperate effort to dissuade Palestine from seeking membership.

The ministry pledged in its statement that the Malaysian government would assist Palestine in securing the required number of votes it needed in the United Nations Security Council and in the General Assembly.


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Joe at 2011-09-27184.174.178.*
The recent effort at the United Nations in New York City by the Palestinian Authority to declare unilaterally a Palestinian state is basically a page right out of Bible prophecy. For many months the leadership of the Palestinian Authority worked among world leaders to prepare the way for a resolution to be passed at the United Nations General Assembly calling for a Palestinian state. World leaders were divided as to how to vote on the United Nations resolution because many believe the only way for the Israeli - Palestinian conflict to be resolved is at the negotiating table. World leaders continue to work at resolving this conflict. Meanwhile, the world watched the center stage where the two parties, the Jews and the Palestinians, diplomatically slugged it out and thus far have come to no final solution. This 4000 year old conflict will not be resolved until Jesus Christ returns to the earth to set up His kingdom (Obadiah 16-18). Another ancient Jewish prophet, Malachi, predicted that the Palestinians, in Biblical times known as the Edomites, descendants of Esau, these Palestinians would say that they would return to power and build a nation (Malachi 1:4). The Lord responded to that and He said that the borders of the Palestinians would be borders of wickedness and the He, the Lord, would have indignation against the Palestinian people forever. Actually, the activities at the United Nations in New York was setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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