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News Analysis: Palestinians insist on statehood to avoid crisis


09:38, September 23, 2011

RAMALLAH, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian leadership still insisted on turning to the United Nations Security Council to obtain a full membership of a Palestinian state despite western calls for resuming negotiations with Israel.

However, the door for reaching a compromise hasn't been closed yet, although the situation becomes complicated and sensitive.

The International Quartet for peace in the Middle East said if the Palestinians give up their UN bid it may issue a statement calling for resumption of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel that will end up with a peace agreement within one year. But the Palestinian leadership rejected the offer.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, an official in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), denied reaching any deal.

"The Palestinian side informed the UN Secretary General [Ban Ki- moon] that the legal procedures of the bid is accepted, but we will never accept any delay or obstruction for a political purpose in order to reach a so-called compromise. All these proposals aren 't accepted," Abed Rabbo said.

The Palestinian leadership said that they would study proposals presented by France on Wednesday to accept the position of an observer state in the UN and agree on a one-year time schedule to reach a permanent peace agreement with Israel.

However, the Palestinians said the resumption of any direct peace talks with Israel must be based on an Israeli commitment to the two-state solution according to 1967 borders and halting settlement construction.

Gaining the position of an observer state in the UN General Assembly would pave the way for the Palestinian state to join other UN establishments, mainly the International Court of Justice that would help them put an end to settlement activities in the Palestinian territories.

Nasser Lahham, a Palestinian expert in Israeli affairs, said that "grabbing a membership of a Palestinian state in the UN will be a check without credit."

Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly announced that negotiation with Israel has always been his first choice. But he said he wanted to win more pressure on Israel through applying for statehood.


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