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UN "has never been more needed" to help deal with "uncommon turbulence" in world


14:18, September 16, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said here on Thursday that the United Nations "has never been more needed" to help in the efforts to deal with enormous political, economic and environmental challenges in the world, which is undergoing "a moment of uncommon turbulence."

The secretary-general made the statement while speaking at a press conference here a few days before the opening of the annual high-level debate of the UN General Assembly.

"It begins with the passionate conviction, drawn from my five years of experience as UN secretary-general, that the United Nations has never been more needed. In this age of anxiety, the world's people look to us for answers and action."

"We know that the UN remains our best hope for building a safer, more secure and just world," he said. "We know that saving the planet requires us to invest in people, particularly women and youth. Sustainable development is the way of the future."

"We know that we must place new emphasis on prevention, both of conflicts and natural disasters," he said.

"Our agenda will be crowded, the pace even faster than usual," Ban said of the busy schedule during the General Debate, which opens on Sept. 21. "World leaders will be coming together at a moment of uncommon turbulence and high anxiety."

The General Assembly is the main deliberating organ. At the beginning of each regular session, the General Assembly holds a general debate, often addressed by leaders of state and government, in which member states express their views on the most pressing international issues.

More than 120 heads of state and government will gather at the UN Headquarters in New York to attend the annual debate, which will last about a week, UN officials said here on Thursday. At the same time, a series of high-level meetings on issues ranging from non-communicable diseases and nutrition to nuclear safety and desertification will also be held.

"The global economic crisis continues to shake banks, businesses, governments and families around the world," Ban said.

"All this in addition to the deeper political, economic and environmental transformations that are re-shaping our world," he said. "The global economic crisis continues to shake banks, businesses, governments and families around the world."


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