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Angolan pilot, five others survive in plane crash that killed at least 30: source


10:44, September 16, 2011

Angolan pilot, five others survive in plane crash that killed at least 30: source 2011-09-15 18:06:49 FeedbackPrintRSS

LUANDA, Sept.15 (Xinhua) -- The pilot and five others survived after an Angolan air force plane crashed Wednesday at Huambo airport in the central Huambo province and killed at least 30 people, including four army generals, sources with the hospital told Xinhua in a telephone interview on Thursday.

Six survivors, including the pilot and co-pilot, two women and two children were taken to the military hospital in Huambo with burn wounds.

People in the front of the aircraft survived but those passengers in the back died as that section caught fire as the plane broke into two pieces upon impact, Angolan officials said.

Angola's state-run Angop news agency named two of the dead as Lieutenant-General Bernardo Leitao Francisco Diogo and Lieutenant General Elias Malungo Bravo da Costa Pedro.

Five of the injured suffered second degree burns and one passenger was in a serious condition with third degree burns.

The plane's pilot Jose Goncalves said from hospital that he did not know what had gone wrong, but he insisted he had complied with all instructions from the control tower before the crash.

The plane crashed around midday on Wednesday soon after takeoff from Angola's second city of Huambo en route for the capital Luanda about 600 kilometres to the northwest, with a planned stopover in Benguela on the west coast at about midday local time (11:00 GMT).

The plane, bound for the capital, Luanda, took off from Huambo's Albano Machado airport, which was only re-opened last month after renovations.


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