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Palestinian bid for UN to be submitted on Sept. 23


08:08, September 16, 2011

RAMALLAH, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian request for a full membership would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council after Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the international organization on Sept. 23, the Palestinian Foreign Minister said Thursday.

After Abbas' address, he will go to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to present him with the Palestinian request, said Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki in an interview with official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Abbas' speech would be delivered to the UN General Assembly in New York, but the request to be a member of the UN would be given to the Security Council so the Palestinian would get full membership, al-Maliki added.

The United States hinted at using veto to block the Palestinian bid, saying that the Palestinian state should come through a negotiated agreement with Israel.

Al-Maliki said the Palestinian would go to the Security Council despite the possible U.S. veto, noting that the Palestinians appreciate support from Arab countries, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Non-Aligned Movement, most of South American states and the African Union.

But the Palestinians still do not know the position of the European Union, Al-Maliki said, adding that the EU foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton was leading an effort to put proposals and visions to prevent any crisis or tension among the parties at the United Nations.

He affirmed that the Palestinians are determined to turn to the UN, regardless any compromise or offers.


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