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Police investigate athletes gone missing at All Africa Games


14:26, September 15, 2011

MAPUTO, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- Mozambican police and migration authorities are investigating a group of 15 athletes from Ethiopia missing since Monday in Maputo, the Mozambique News Agency AIM reports on Wednesday.

The deputy director of the Organizing Committee Coja, Penalva Cesar confirmed in a press conference that 15 athletes from Ethiopia were reported missing by the chief of the delegation himself on Monday and up to today there are no clues of their whereabouts.

The case was initially taken to the security organizing subcommittee, it warned the appropriated entities about the incident, who are now investigating to find the athletes, the agency says.

Penalva said that wherever the athletes are staying, if they are using the games identification the validation is until the last day of the games, September 18th, and that applies to entry visas they were provided when entering the country, after that period other means will be used.

"If they do not appear until Sunday, the last day of the 10th All Africa Games their entry visas will also expire, they will be in a condition of illegality which entails a criminal situation" said Cesar.

The Organizing Committee of the 10th All Africa Game accredited over 20,000 people among them 4,982 athletes from foreign countries.


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