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Death toll in Argentina train crash rise to 11, at least 228 injured


08:46, September 14, 2011

Rescuers work at the site of an accident where a metro and a bus collided outside Buenos Aires Sept. 13, 2011. (Photo form China Daily)

BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Death toll in Argentina train crash rise to 11 on Tuesday and at least 228 were injured after two trains and a public bus collided in a major crash in the heart of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, local police said.

Initially after the accident, 7 people including a boy were confirmed dead, but two more bodies were later recovered from the wreck of the bus and two of the most critically injured later died at a hospital.

The casualty numbers continued to increase as chaos prevailed until the afternoon at the site of the crash, and according to the Health Ministry of Buenos Aires city the number of injured have risen to 228.

At least 50 of the wounded were "seriously injured" after the first train ran into a bus at a crossing and was derailed, at which point a second train coming from the opposite direction crashed into the train and bus stuck at the crossing, police said. The accident occurred at 6:30 local time (09:30 GMT) in the capital's upscale western neighborhood of Las Flores and involved two trains from the Sarmiento public railway.

Gustavo Gago, spokesman for the Buenos Aires Trains company ( TBA), the main train company for rail operations connecting the western suburbs of Buenos Aires with the center of the capital, said that the number 92 line bus had tried to cross the rails even though the barrier was down.

The driver of the bus, which earlier had been reported arrested, was later revealed to have died in the crash. The conductor of one of the trains, meanwhile, was finally freed after hours stuck in the wreckage but had one of his arms amputated at the hospital later.

The accident caused traffic to collapse in large areas of Buenos Aires, which has suffered a number of train collisions during the years, including the worst one in Argentina's history in 1970 when more than 200 people were killed in a similar crash in the capital.

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