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Syrian opposition figures form new party


08:44, September 14, 2011

DAMASCUS, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Four Syrian opposition figures announced Tuesday the formation of a new party, the first since the endorsement of the multi-party law last month.

At a press conference held in Damascus, Louay Hussein, one of the party founders, said that the new party named "the Current for Building up the Syrian State" was initiated by dozens of Syrians, with the main objective of eliminating all obstacles impeding the country's "transformation."

The party would work to create a "political sphere that could enable all people to get indulged in the political life, mainly the youths," Hussein said.

The Syrian government has actually failed in quelling the protests and submitting any program to drag the country out of violence, he said, adding that his party would seize the "rare opportunity to take the country to the stage of modernization and civilization."

Hussein said the civil and democratic state which his party aspires to establish would preserve all the Syrian citizens' rights and freedom regardless of their religious beliefs, political positions and cultural references.

He noted that the party would immediately start contacts with all effective parties and forces in the country to reach an agreement on ending the months-long unrest.

The founder voiced absolute rejection of foreign military intervention in the country "because this would cause bigger ordeals and would have negative impacts on the Syrian scene ... Nobody has an interest in foreign intervention."

Another founder Mona Ghanem said the delay in reaching a solution to the crisis would increase the prospects of foreign intervention in various forms, adding that the best solution is to "embark on a dialogue combining all the conflicting sides."


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