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Gas leaking from damaged well head in Australia's Queensland


15:41, September 13, 2011

BRISBANE, Australia, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- An exclusion zone has been established around a damaged well head that is leaking gas on a property at Berwyndale South gas field in southern Queensland of Australia, Queensland Gas Company (QGC) said on Tuesday.

QGC said the damaged well head started leaking gas on Monday evening during set up operations for a drilling rig at the company ' s Berwyndale South gas field, about 20 km south-east of Miles.

QGC Senior Vice President Jim Knudsen said the leak was not considered dangerous beyond three meters from the well head and it posed no significantly adverse environmental or health impact.

Nobody was injured in the incident, QGC said in a statement.

The company expects repairs to be completed within a couple of days.

Knudsen said the state government regulator and emergency services have been advised of the leak and an investigation into the cause of the incident was underway.

The Queensland Greens say the leak is a further evidence to support a moratorium on coal seam gas projects.

Greens spokeswoman Libby Connors says despite government audits assuring the public only a small number of wells leak, problems keep occurring.


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