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Two bombs explode in S Philippines, no one hurt - local police


15:36, September 13, 2011

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Two powerful bombs exploded simultaneously Tuesday in the southern Philippine city of Cotabato, police said.

No one was reported hurt or killed by the twin explosions, according to Police Director Felicisimo Khu, chief of the Directorate for Integrated Police Operation for Western Mindanao.

Khu said the powerful explosions occurred shortly after noon as Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo was about to leave the regional governor's office in Cotabato City.

"We can not determine yet as to what was the motive of the attack as the governor's office is far from the explosion site," Khu said.

Robredo was in Cotabato City to assess the screening of the candidates who would take over the Autonomous Region in Mindanao ( ARMM) after President Aquino approved the suspension of elections in the region and chose to synchronize it with the 2013 national election.

Khu said the homemade bombs were planted on both sides of the road near the regional hospital.

He said the bomb squad have leads as to the type of bombs used and what group was responsible for the attack.

Khu disclosed that the group of Basit Usman, which has links with the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), has been training recruits including women in bomb and demolition.

The police official could not immediately say if those who exploded the bomb was part of Usman's recruits mission noting that an investigation is still on going.


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