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UN sees prevention as main weapon against HVI/AIDS


08:40, September 01, 2011

MAPUTO, Aug. 31(Xinhua) -- Executive Director of the United Nations program for the fight against HIV/AIDS Michel Sidité has said prevention must continue to be priority for all strategies in the fight against the killer disease of HIV/AIDS in Mozambique and in the world in general.

Sidité is in Mozambique since Monday on a working visit at the invitation by Mozambican Prime Minister Aires Ali during which he is to take part in the launching on Friday in Maputo of a campaign by the United Nations against the killer disease.

On Wednesday, Sidité attended a session of the Mozambican Council for the fight against the pandemic in the country.

Sidité told reporters after the meeting that countries must take the prevention as one of the best ways to fight against HIV/ AIDS.

"The best must be prevention..prevention.. always prevention'', he said.

Sidité also said he believes that Mozambique can manage to reduce the HIV infections due to strategies being carried out by the Maputo administration.

According to him, at least 33 African countries have managed to reduce the number of new cases of HIV infections, and "Mozambique can also achieve this goal".


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