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UN Security Council concerned about Gulf of Guinea piracy issue


10:37, August 31, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council said in a press statement released here Tuesday it remains concerned about the problem of widespread piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Hardeep Singh Puri, the permanent representative of India to the UN and the president of the Security Council for the month of August, read the statement to reporters outside of the council chamber.

"The members of the Security Council expressed concern over the increase in piracy, maritime armed robbery and reports of hostage taking in the Gulf of Guinea and its damaging impact on security, trade, and economic activities in the sub-region," Puri said.

The council heard a briefing on Aug. 23 from B. Lynn Pascoe, under-secretary-general for political affairs on the topic of piracy and maritime armed robbery in the gulf.

"In this context, the members of the council underlined the need for regional coordination and leadership in developing a comprehensive strategy to address this trend," Puri said.

He said that the Security Council calls on the international community to help countries near the gulf and regional organizations like the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS) in their efforts to secure safe navigation "through information, exchange, improved coordination and capacity building. "

"The members of the Security Council noted the intention of the secretary general to deploy a United Nations assessment mission to examine the situation and explore options for UN support," Puri said.


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Christopher Kay at 2011-09-03216.121.218.*
Very well done private Sector! The West"s problem is the soreading power base of China and hurting Sri Lanka is one of its mainn adjendas fuelled by LTTE terrorits support and funding.

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