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UN Security Council should play leading role in handling Libyan issue: Chinese envoy


10:22, August 31, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council should play a leading role in handling the Libyan issue at the next stage, while other countries, international mechanisms and conferences should also play a supplementary role, China's UN Ambassador Li Baodong said here Tuesday.

China is of the view that four principles should be followed in handling the Libyan issue at this moment, Li told reporters outside the Security Council chamber after a closed-door consultation on Libya.

"First, bring an early end to the conflicts. Second, launch an inclusive political process as soon as possible. Third, respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Libya and the will and choice of the Libyan people," Li said.

"Fourth, give play to the leading role of the Security Council, while other countries, international mechanisms and international conferences should also play a supplementary role under the guidance of the UN Charter and established principles concerning the Libyan issue," Li told reporters.

Li said members of the Security Council have reached consensus on these major principles.

"These principles are of guiding significance for the international efforts on the Libyan issue at the next stage," the ambassador said.

He also stressed that China supports the efforts made by the African Union in promoting political settlement of the crisis in Libya.


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