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Burial of Ugandan landslides victims starts as death toll rises to 30


08:43, August 31, 2011

KAMPALA, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Burial of victims of the landslide in the eastern Ugandan district of Bulambuli started on Tuesday as the death toll rose to 30, a top government official said here.

Musa Ecweru, minister of state for disaster preparedness, relief and refugees told Xinhua by telephone that government has taken over all the burial arrangements and expenses of the disaster victims.

“We are going to provide the families with all the necessary assistance during this trying moment. We have bought coffins, burial clothes and food stuff for the bereaved families,” he said.

He said the death toll had risen to 30 as the rescue and search operation by the army, police and local residents entered into its second day.

Local media on Tuesday put the death toll at over 40 people. The state owned New Vision reported that over 40 people were killed while Daily Monitor put the figure at 43.

Local authorities earlier put the toll at over 50.

The grisly incident occurred on Monday morning sweeping away over 16 homesteads in three villages.

The landslide was triggered by torrential rainfall.

Government on Monday warned that more landslides are likely to occur in hilly and mountainous areas especially in eastern and western Uganda.

Ecweru said that government is planning to relocate all the families and people in the risky areas to safer places.


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