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Nepal's 35th prime minister elected with high expectation


08:26, August 31, 2011

KATHMANDU, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Unified Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist (UCPN-M) Vice Chairman Babu Ram Bhattarai was elected as the 35th prime minister of Nepal on Sunday.

The new prime minister has been given high expectation as his government is expected to complete the peace process and draft a democratic constitution.

Talking to Xinhua on Tuesday, Lok Raj Baral, renowned political analyst said that he feels this is the major challenge as well as a chance for the Maoists to prove themselves.

"This government has a challenge as they have been committed to completing the major tasks -- peace process and constitution drafting -- within one and half months," he said.

Answering query about the two major parties -- Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Lennist (CPN-UML) and Nepali Congress being in opposition, Baral said that peace and constitution are the common agenda for every party.

He said that the parties are only in opposition in the parliament but for the sake of nation they will surely come together as they have also shown commitment to it.

Another analyst Yubraj Ghimire also said that the Bhattarai government is being highly expected for the national welfare.

"The major challenges of this government are peace and constitution, bringing political stability, economic revival, foreign investment and regain credibility of the political parties, " he said.

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Tilak Shahi at 2011-09-0178.100.253.*
I wish all the best of PM Babu Ram Bhattarai. He is only a potential leader to govern our country in this context. Lets help to him in this meantime.
Dirgha Raj Prasai at 2011-08-3149.244.150.*
Maoist Leader-Baburam Bhattarai- PM of NepalBy Dirgha Raj PrasaiWe welcome Dr. Baburam Bhattarai as a prime minister of Nepal. However it is not easy to him to success. Due to his wrong thought regarding Nepalese nationality, Dr. Babauram Bhattarai"s position is in confused state. Because, being the product of JNU-Delhi, he has forgotten the Nepalese nationality and the people"s aspirations. "In just November 2005, the parliamentary parties (the Seven Party Alliance, or the SPA) and Maoists signed a 12-point agreement, setting out on a common agenda for the democratic transformation of the Nepali state. That soon gave way to the people’s movement in April 2006, which in turn led to the Constituent Assembly and eventually the abolition of the monarchy. A well known Indian professor SD Muni has tweeted- "India has done a wise thing to let Bhattarai sail through in the PM election with the support of Madhesi groups. Nepal"s stability depends on Maoists. Bhattarai"s victory in Nepal is a turning point. His first priority should be to implement the Maoist promise on integration of the PLA cadre. – The Times of India has recently wrote- "JNU scholar becomes Nepal"s new Maoist PM, though a moderate who has advocated maintaining friendly relations with India and focusing on peace instead of beginning yet another armed revolution, Bhattarai will also have to work hard to assure India that his government will not be hostile to the southern neighbor." Now, it is exposed what the India wants. One year ago, Maoist Chairman Prachanda had said Baburam Bhattarai is the agent of India. So, in the context of Nepalese nationality, the new PM of Nepal Dr. Babauram Bhattarai is very suspicious.Many Indian blogs have well explained reality of Dr Bhattarai and his mentor Prof Muni. "Mr. S.D. Muni is considered to be the mentor of Nepalese leaders, more so those of the Maoists. With Muni’s active maneuvering, Prachanda not only reinstated Bhattarai to his initial position but later hailed India for their support on peaceful settlement in Nepal. Mr. Muni is supposed to be an undeclared advisor of the South Block establishment and is concurrently presumed to be close to the RAW (Indian Intelligence)- who has been told to keep “eyes” especially on Nepal. High placed sources have told the that Muni has been especially sent by the South Block mandarins here to monitor the Chinese influence.-(India sends anti-china scholar to Nepal July 1, 2007 by naxalite). Similarly a scholar Momin Iftikhar said- "Baburam Bhattarai, is high ranking leader of the Maoist, had a meeting in Delhi with the leader of Communist Party of India (M) Prakash Karat, under the chaperonage of RAW. If these indication in Nepal are geared towards making of a Sri lanka to Nepal." ( Search Google > Baburam Bhattarai RAW )So, since 2006, he has been pleading the poisonous agendas- ethnicity based federalism, secularism and republic which was guided by RAW and CIA. These poisonous agendas are not the real issues of Nepal. Then how can he implement these suicidal agendas? I think there are so many problems that there will be no the consensus to complete the peace process and the drafting of a constitution among the parties. Another major sticking point is how to integrate thousands of Maoist fighters housed in camps since the nation"s civil war ended in 2006. It was the proposal to integrate them into the Nepal Army. Nepal"s Army officers distrust them and have serious despute. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, so called qualified writer seems an extremely controversial. So, I suggest him to think the future of Nepalese unity, peace and to keep intact the national identities. The Mother Nepal has been suffering from four major diseases; 1) Corruption, 2) Cancer, 3) Christianity and 4) Communist (the communist that signed the 12-point pact in New Delhi 0n 22 November 2005). Congress, UML, Maoist including other political leaders, under the guidance of Moist leader Baburam Bhattarai who was directed by Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’. Congress leader Girija, UML leader Madhab Nepal, Maoist leader Prachanda signed the 12 point pact on 22 November 2005 and by accumulation of adequate resources launched the people’s uprising in 2006, embarking on Nepal’s destruction. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai was one of the active designer of 12 point agreement by the hints of RAW"s strategic SD Muni. Now see Baburam Bhattarai has become the Prime minister of Nepal- 29 Aug. 2011.In current affairs, the serious mistake of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is to join hands with the Medheshi leaders. A four-point deal between the Maoists and the Terai-based Madhesi front will be the cause of political downfall of Dr. Bhattarai. The nationalist front of the Maoist leader Mohan Baidhya also is not supporting this anti-nationalist four-point agreement. Since 2006, due to the traitors" regime, the situation of Nepal is getting worse day by day. Some Tarai-based groups are demanding- "One Madhesh One Province" which is never feasible and acceptable for good governance for the Tarai people. Geographically, ethnically, linguistically and socially the people can"t be integrated in One Province. For example, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Abadhi, Tharu, Rajbanshi, Dhimal and Nepali are among the dominant languages which are in use in different places. It is an annoyance for Hill-origin people as well as the indigenous tribes. Because of the different linguist groups, ‘Nepali’ has become lingua-franca (communicative language) from many years. Every citizens and castes in Tarai are furious because some culprit minds want to introduce Hindi to eliminate all the rich and old languages and rich culture of our Tarai people. One should not forget that it is necessary to destroy religion, culture, languages and way of life of the people to disintegrate country. So, the antinationalists want to finish Tarai people"s language, culture and way of life by introducing the Hindi language- inducing the Indian dominance. In order to protect the language & culture every nationalist Tarai people should be aware of it. In fact the people have no power and are ignored by the culprit leaders. In such situation, can Baburam Bhattarai implement these suicidal agendas? So, how we can expect, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai will success in his premiership? He is an aggressive communist guided by RAW. Due to his destructive anti-nationalist agendas, he will get fizzle out. If effective action are not taken all the situations would further be deteriorated.I am saddened by the article of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai with an attempt at insulting Nepal published in Kantipur daily on 4 February, 2010. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai writes, "Feudal regime is unilateral. Prithvi Narayan Shah had started the feudal state structure. Prithvi Narayan Shah used to measure Khas-Arya castes in higher level whereas the other castes as people of lower level. The state created by Prthvi Narayan is based on caste and class exploitation." With this, he sent a message that formation of separate states of castes would accelerate development process. He presented a controversial and false opinion against the concept of sovereign Nepal. Laden with such opinion Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, born in Gorkha, has shown a path for the agenda harboured by the RAW and CIA, by forgetting the Nepali spirit and blowing the pride of national unity, disgracing the national dress and at the same time searching the path of nation"s disintegration. This has degraded himself. So it is a misfortune for Technocrats to indulge in national politics without studying the identity of the nation. I suggest Mr. Baburam Bhattarai not to scribe articles on national politics without reading Prithvi Narayan Shah"s divine message (Divya Upadesh). A veteran journalist Yuvraj Ghimire says- It is misfortune for the nation to feel that nationality and democracy could not be preserved by digging a grave for the nation"s culture and history. Prithvi Narayan Shah"s relevance has increased in the time of demand for ethnic states and increasing trend of disintegration. Nationality will not strengthen by scolding Prthvi Narayan Shah and his dynasty. Nor will the Maoist remain a people oriented force. The condemned history, culture and condemned value cannot take care of social, political and national integration." Almost the so-called politicians create havoc all over. They promised to build a bridge even where there is no river. Similarly, the logo of PM"s using-Mustang motor is made Nepal, but all the parts are Indian. The bluffing can"t give the good message. There should be the production of every necessary materials needed for the people in the country. If we don"t drive our industries, we will be driven out of productions. Remember the quotation. "A leader who doesn"t hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be leader."So, it is a very serious and challengeable time for Dr. Baburam Bhattarai how to relief from all the blaming and obstacles. The first question is that Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is not free. He is in tape of Madeshi leaders. It indicates the future fate of Maoist PM.We Nepalese people want-Monarchical democratic-Sovereign Nepal with Hindu Kingdom.Thank you

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