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Gaddafi's daughter gives birth to baby girl in SE Algerian province


08:23, August 31, 2011

Aisha Gaddafi, daughter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and director of the Libyan Waatassimou Charity association, arrives to attend the end of the 6th international women's Koran reading competition in Tripoli August 30, 2010. (Xinhua/Reuters File Photo)

DJANET, Algeria, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Muammar Gaddafi's daughter Aisha, who entered Algeria from Libyan Monday morning, gave birth to a baby girl early Tuesday morning in Djanet town of Illizi province in southeastern Algeria, a local government source told a Xinhua cameraman here.

Aisha arrived in Illizi Monday morning along with her mother Safiya, her two brothers and their children, the Algerian Foreign Ministry confirmed Monday in a statement.

"The wife of Muammar Gaddafi, Safiya, his daughter Aisha, and sons Hannibal and Mohammed, accompanied by their children, entered Algeria at 8:45 a.m. (0745 GMT) through the Algeria-Libyan border," the foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the official APS news agency.

The ministry said that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon, the Security Council and the head of the National Transitional Council's executive board, Mahmud Jibril, had been informed.

Libyan rebel spokesman Mahmud Shammam told reporters in Tripoli Tuesday the rebels have already demanded Gaddafi's family members be extradited to face Libyan courts.

A day earlier, the spokesman said the rebels "are determined to arrest and try the Gaddafi family and Gaddafi himself."

Algiers said Gaddafi's family members were allowed to stay in the country on humanitarian grounds.


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