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Libya's journey to reconstruction arduous (2)


11:05, August 25, 2011


Despite the will and confidence to lead the country's over 6.4 million people to democracy, the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) have by now failed to convince the world of their capability of doing so.

The rebels' victory over Gaddafi (as they claimed) would not have been realized without the assists of western air strikes, which started in mid-March and heavily reduced the Libyan government forces and carved out roads for the out-of-uniform opposition fighters to push forward.

Now, over 40 countries, including France, Germany, Britain and the United States, have recognized the NTC as the only legitimate representative of the Libyan people. But inside the rebels, no mature guiding principal is currently available, and there is the potential power struggle inside the management, said Alnubi, adding that this could mean instability at least in the short run.

Meanwhile, as an early, transparent and fair general election is the sole way to make the rebels' leadership democratically legal, there is an urgent need to form more than one competitive party in the country. However, as Gaddafi, eyeing long-lasting dominance, banned all political parties in the country during his rule, the task seems almost nothing but impossible.

Moreover, while the rebel soldiers from the western part of Libya have been in odds with the eastern squad over the speed of advancement lately in the taking over of the capital city, many also fear that the disunity among the country's numerous tribes and factions would risk turning Libya into a second Somalia after the end of the era of an iron-handed man.

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