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Japan's GSDF holds annual military drill near Mt. Fuji


09:19, August 24, 2011

SHIZUOKA, Japan, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Japan's Ground Self- Defense Forces (GSDF) on Tuesday started its annual military exercise this year at the foot of Mount Fuji in Gotenba city, some 100 kilometers west of Tokyo.

About 2,400 military personnel took part in the drill, dubbed the "Fire Power 2011 In Fuji." The 2011 maneuver also involved about 80 tanks and armored vehicles, 30 aircraft, including AH-1S "Cobra" attack helicopter and CH-47J "Chinook" medium- transport helicopter, and about 80 canons and missiles.

The joint exercise was initiated in 1961 and had developed into an annual attraction in summer. The event, which opens to the public, attracted thousands of spectators each year. The 2011 exercise will end on Aug. 28.


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