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Indonesian arrested prominent terrorist Patek to face terror charges: police


13:34, August 19, 2011

JAKARTA, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Umar Patek, Indonesian notorious terrorist recently handed in by Pakistani authorities, would be indicted with terrorism charges amid doubt that he might break loose from such indictment for his misdeeds that took place before the enactment of Indonesia's antiterror law, local media reported on Friday.

Revealing the latest photo of the detained terror suspect, Indonesia's National Police spokesperson Anton Bahrul Alam said on Thursday that police would be seeking to charge him under the country's antiterror laws.

"In June 2009, he smuggled four weapons into Indonesia from the Philippines," Anton Bachrul Alam said.

"He gave two of these weapons to a colleague, Dulmatin, and he kept the other two for himself. All these weapons have been seized by our officers," Anton was quoted by the Jakarta Globe

Anton said Patek, who also used the alias Anis Alawi Jafar, had knowledge of the paramilitary training camp in Aceh that was raided by police in February last year. The group behind the camp has since been outlawed and police have arrested more than 100 suspected members.

The terrorism charges are expected to be applied in relation to Patek's involvement in the Aceh training camp and his links to Dulmatin, who was killed in a shootout during a police raid in Tangerang in March last year, Anton said.

"We are also going to impose the charges of premeditated murder, falsifying IDs and of violating immigration laws," Anton said. He added that the first two charges were violations of the Criminal Code.

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