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Philippine police arrest suspect in car bomb blast


09:11, August 19, 2011

MANILA, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Philippine authorities have identified two of the suspects, one of them is already under custody, in the car bomb explosion that left two people dead in the southern city of Tacurong this week, police spokesman said on Thursday.

Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. said that inquest was conducted Thursday for double murder and multiple frustrated murders against Jay-R Reyes, the alleged buyer of the vehicle that exploded, and Datu Karim Masdal, who was seen alighting from the car before the blast.

Supplemental charge for damage to property will follow, he said.

Reyes is still at large while Masdal is now under the police custody.

Cruz said that upon verification from different government agencies, the name of Reyes did not appear on their files, "hence such name could be fictitious."

The suspects allegedly targeted Maguindanao governor Esmael Mangudadatu whose convoy was passing the area when the explosion occurred.


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