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Sri Lankan navy camp attacked by enraged mob


13:33, August 15, 2011

COLOMBO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- A navy camp in eastern Sri Lanka came under a pre-dawn attack Monday by an enraged mob who also set fire to a police jeep.

The Sri Lankan police said that the mob attacked the navy camp in Kinniya, Trincomalee after assuming that a suspect had taken refuge inside the premises.

The mob believed the suspect was a man with grease on his body, known by locals as a "grease devil" who goes around abusing women.

Similar suspects with grease on their bodies had been arrested in several parts of Sri Lanka over the past few weeks.

Over 500 people gathered around the navy camp, pelted it with stones and also set fire to a police jeep which arrived at the scene with police reinforcements, a Trincomalee police official said.

The Sri Lankan police said that at least three people including a police officer were injured in the attack and 25 people were later arrested.

Last week the Sri Lankan police said they had arrested 47 " grease devils" from several parts of the country which has been gripped with panic over the reported incidents.


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