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Australia supports continuing U.S. presence in Asia-Pacific region

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15:17, August 14, 2011

CANBERRA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Australia supports the continuing U.S. presence in Asia-Pacific region as a cornerstone of regional stability, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Saturday, adding that the nation has a sincere desire to see the U. S. economy regain its momentum.

Addressing the gala dinner of the annual Australian-American Leadership Dialogue in Perth of Western Australia on Saturday night, Gillard said American leadership in Asia-Pacific will be vital for the fiscal consolidation and economic re-balancing, which is necessary to put world economic growth on a sustainable footing.

"In the decades to come, the U.S. presence in Asia would remain the cornerstone of regional stability," Gillard told the audiences in Perth, quoted by Australia Associated Press on Saturday night.

"As an abiding partner with key interests in the Asia-Pacific, Australia is considering how we best contribute to sustaining U.S. engagement and presence in the region."

Gillard said Australia and the U.S. were working together on the U.S. Global Force Posture Review and discussing proposals for more joint training and cooperation, in a move to identify how the two countries might position to respond in more timely and effective ways to a range of contingencies that may arise in Asia- Pacific region, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Meanwhile, Gillard also said Australia and the U.S. had worked together in the G20 group of nations to bring the global economy back from the brink during the Global Financial Crisis.

"We have all felt the effects of the global recession and Australia now watches as the U.S. faces a great test," she said.

"We watch with a sincere desire to see your mighty country's economy regain its momentum.

"I do have faith in the ability of the United States to get its economic house in order even if, too often for comfort, it takes a crisis to force decisive action."

World Bank President Robert Zoellick and the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Asia-Pacific, Kurt Campbell has attended Saturday night's dinner in Perth.


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