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Malaysian PM cautions citizens against unrest in London


16:30, August 11, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Malaysian authorities cautioned its citizens visiting or living in the UK following attacks on a Malaysian student there in the wake of riot and looting that spread across cities.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak expressed his concern over the attack on a 20-year-old Malaysian student in London on his twitter blog.

"I hope the people of Malaysia in London and surrounding cities can be careful and watch each other's back," he said in his blog.

No travel advisory was issued in Malaysia against visiting London.

But the UK High Commission in London issued a safety advisory on Thursday asking Malaysians there to "exercise maximum alert and vigilance while they are in public places."

The warnings came four days after 20-year-old Malaysian accounting student Mohammad Asyraf Hazif was mobbed by a group of 20 teens and preteens when he was cycling to a gathering.

They took his mobile phone and broke his jaw before another group of people pretending to help him plundered his backpack.

Mohammad Asyraf's entire ordeal was captured on a video by his friend.

The video went viral on the Internet.

The incident drew condemnation from British Prime Minister David Cameron, who described it as a sign that parts of the British society "are not just broken but frankly sick."

The British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur called the attack a "brutal and cowardly" act.

The victim is being treated at a hospital and is said to be in a stable condition and his parents would fly to London on Friday to visit him.

Malaysian officials said there are more than 30,000 Malaysians studying in London but most of them left the city for summer vacation.

The riot in London that came with rampant looting and fires that razed buildings and vehicles was triggered by the shooting death of a 20-year-old man by the police.


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