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Terrorist attacks hit back in Pakistan after breather (2)


15:52, August 11, 2011

Shortly after the bomb attack was reported, police rushed to the site and cordoned it off for a search operation.

The blast had drawn a large crowd of curious local people around the blast site while the police were clearing the site.

About two hours and a half later following the first blast, two female suicide bombers attacked a checkpost temporarily set up near the blast site. They first threw a hand grenade, causing a stampede among the people gathering there, before they committed a suicide attack.

One suicide bomber, aged between 16 to 17, first blew herself up. The other, aged at about 45, failed to detonate her suicide jacket and got wounded in the explosion and later died of the wounds.

The suicide attack killed at least one person and injured 11 others including two policemen, said local reports.

The tactics employed in Thursday's attack in Peshawar reminded people of a similar attack that happened a couple of months ago at a market place in the same city, in which the terrorists first caused a minor blast and then came with a huge suicide blast when a lot of people were drawn to the blast site. The Pakistan Taliban later claimed the responsibility for the attack.

Though no group has claimed the responsibility for Thursday's two bomb attacks in Peshawar yet, local watchers believed that the Taliban could be the mastermind behind the attacks as the tactics employed in the attack are often used by them.

Thursday's attack could signal the beginning of a new wave of terrorist attacks in Pakistan, said one local watcher. "After all, the Pakistan Taliban have been quiet for quite a long time as most of the terrorist attacks nowadays are taking place in the neighboring country of Afghanistan," he said.

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