TAR chairman retorts claims "Qinghai-Tibet Railway damages ecosystem"
Over the past 10 years, the Chinese government has attached unprecedented importance to Tibet's ecological construction and environmental protection. more<<<
Photos: People call it "Auspicious Heavenly Road"<<<
2.7 bln yuan invested in Sanjiangyuan eco-protection
An investment totaling 2.7 billion yuan has been spent on China's largest eco-protection and construction project of the Sanjiangyuan area, according to Qinghai Provincial Government.
Known as "China's water tower," the Sanjiangyuan area at an altitude of 4,000 meters... more<<<
Tibet to spend 200 mln RMB on grassland eco-protection
Tibet's eco-protection pays off
Tashi, a herdsman in Amdo County, northern Tibet's Nagqu Prefecture, is surprised to find that the grass in his pasture has grown densely in recent years. It feels as soft as a thick sponge when he walks on it. His feeling has been confirmed by the scientific proofs that plants on grasslands... more<<<
Tibet's Nyingchi gets Chinese govt's eco efficiency fund
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