Tibetan mastiff
Tibetan mastiff originates from China's Qinghai and Tibet regions and is considered to be one of the oldest precious breeds in the world. Some researchers even believe that Tibetan mastiff is the ancestor of many large mastiff breeds in the European continent. more<<<
The first legend: Tibetan Mastiffs came from the heavens
The most widespread legend about Tibetan Mastiffs is as follows: A long, long time ago, there was an outbreak of a mountain torrent one year and the land was covered with ice and snow in the winter. With a rampant plague, people were suffering from various types of hardships, and a heavenly god riding a Tibetan Mastiff... more<<<
The second legend: Descendants of lions or bears
It is said that the Tibetan Mastiffs descended from lions. Legend says that there once was a breed of lions in the Himalayas, smaller in size than current lions. The reason why Tibetan Mastiffs are so ferocious is because they were produced through mating with these lions. Legend also says that they were... more<<<
The third legend: Genghis Khan's "fierce dog troops"
The most amazing legend about Tibetan Mastiffs is one about Genghis Khan in which he once led 30,000 Tibetan Mastiff soldiers to conquer Western Europe. The writer, Yang Zhijun made specific literary records in his book "Tibetan Mastiffs" about the legend. Genghis Khan's "fierce dog troops" included...more<<<
Mastiff Craze

Mastiff exhibition

Mastiff show in Beijing

Tibetan mastiff exhibition held in E China city

Tibetan Mastiffs pose at 7th Int'l Farm Produce Fair

Cartoon "Tibetan Mastiff" to premiere in 2010

Wolf or mastiff?

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