Consumers question Toyota's absence of compensation in China
Toyota did not offer any form of compensation for the RAV4 models recently involved in the recall in China over accelerator pedal problems, said Xu Yiming, head of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. PR department. Consumers in Wuhan questioned the company's different attitudes in China and the U.S.
Toyota "under fire"
·Toyota chief apologizes and vows to cooperate with regulators for massive recall
Toyota President Akio Toyoda said here on Wednesday at a U.S. Congressional hearing that he took "full responsibility" for the massive recall of Toyota cars due to quality defects, and apologized for that.
·Toyoda 'deeply sorry' for safety flaws
Akio Toyoda, the mysterious scion of the Toyota empire, apologized yesterday before a House committee investigating deadly flaws that sparked the recall of 8.5 million cars.
·Toyota's future still uncertain after Toyoda appearance in U.S. Congress
Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda appeared before U.S. Congress on Wednesday to apologize about the defects in his company's vehicles that have led to the recall of millions of cars, and to explain what the company will do in the future to prevent problems from becoming crises.
·Toyota considers mandatory recall for models with brake problem
Japanese automaker Toyota is considering a mandatory recall for its third-generation Prius hybrid car, which some consumers have reported has a brake problem, local media reported on Friday.
·Nissan, Suzuki, Daihatsu join Toyota in recall crisis
Three Japanese automakers announced recalls on Thursday and submitted reports to that effect to the government.
·What's driving Toyota probe?
"Gangster government targets Toyota," said the headline on a Washington Examiner editorial.
China, world's largest auto market
·Toyota's recall crisis spreads to Chinese market
Toyota has recalled over 8.5 million automobiles worldwide. Of the automobiles that Toyota recalled all over the world, 5 models were manufactured and sold in China, including the RAV4, Corolla, Camry, Highlander and the Yaris.
·China's auto sales to keep double-digit growth this year: official
China's auto sales would not rise as steeply as that in 2009, but would continue to see double-digit growth boosted by government stimulus measures, an official with the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.
·Ministry: China to raise government's subsidy for trade-in vehicles
China will greatly increase government's subsidy for trade-in vehicles, with subsidies for some types of vehicle are to increase by 200 percent. Chang Xiaochun, director of the Department of Market System Development at the Ministry Of Commerce told reporters January 29, 2010.
·Toyota China: No Corolla recall in China for time being
In response to the news that the Toyota Corolla will likely be recalled, Ma Chunping, an official from the PR office of FAW Toyota, said during an interview with CCTV that at present, the office has not received any information concerning recalling the Corolla in China.
·China's January auto sales, output hit new record
China's auto sales and output both more than doubled in January from a year earlier to exceed 1.6 million units, a new record, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) said Tuesday.