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No one was supposed to get seven- and eight-figure rewards, not after the Great Recession left one in 10 Americans unemployed. Not after US President Barack Obama - who last Thursday called such pay "obscene" - had promised to clamp down on lavish bonuses.
Employees of a Taiwan enterprise smashed vehicles and blocked a road Friday to protest against poor company management in east Jiangsu Province. No casualties were reported.
Editor's Note
  • ·As the year draws to an end, the bankers, property developers and top corporate executives bag six, seven or even eight-digit yearly bonus and other compensations, the average Joes take back home only meager checks, or none at all. In this backdrop, people's taste of the festival time, including the traditional Spring Festival, is starkly different, sociologists say.
  • ·Bosses try to keep staff by withholding annual bonuses, someone come up with brilliant creative "year-end bonuses", and even some ugly negotiations appear. The bonus issue is sure not to be taken lightly of.

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