Hainan eyes global tourism destination
The Chinese government said on January 4 that it aims to build the southern island of Hainan into a top international tourism destination by 2020. The island will also become a base of agricultural production and a base for developing resources and services in the South China Sea. [more]
6 strategies of development:
☆ Developing Hainan into a pilot region for China's tourism industry reform
☆ Building the island into a world-class leisure travel and holiday tourist destination
☆ Establishing a demonstration zone for China's ecological development
☆ Making Hainan an important platform for international economic cooperation and cultural exchanges
☆ Developing resources in the South China Sea and developing Hainan into a service base
☆ Developing Hainan into a modern national tropical agricultural base
Hainan, our choice

Tour of Hainan upgraded to top class in Asia

Sanya among China's top 10 leisure cities

Who will benefit most?

3 industries benefit most from the Hainan development plan
The State Council released a document January 4 detailing the development of Hainan into an international tourist destination, explicating 6 strategies for the development plan. Listed companies in the 3 industries of tourism, transportation and infrastructure construction will benefit most from the plan.

Hainan development: a strategic move

Hainan tourism plan as significant as Shanghai Disney project
If the policies were relaxed and internal energy within the tourism system was ushered, Hainan can effortlessly achieve a similar economic growth that Shanghai will attain through Disney's project and Beijing will achieve through making a 290 billion yuan investment. It can be said that this will see great progress in China's regional economic competition.