All-aboard for Shanghai-Hangzhou maglev project
The Ministry of Railways gave the go-ahead on March 13 for a high-speed magnetic levitation railway project, or maglev for short, which would traverse a distance of nearly 200 kilometers between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

New 'silk road'

China's high-speed rail may link 17 nations
·Less than two years after China's first high-speed railway went into operation, the country is now planning to extend its rail network beyond its borders, a project that will involve 17 nations. The international rail network will boost the exchange of trade and promote China's newly acquired high-speed railway technology, likely the next brand of "Made in China" comparable to world competitors, experts say. [more]

Big spending pays off

High-speed rail easing traffic congestion and integrating the markets
·The high-speed trains greatly relieved traffic pressure during the travel season, the world's largest human migration, and have also freed existing tracks for delivery of more freight. [more]
·"The Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway will meet the growing demand of of passenger and cargo transportation in central and western China, and help promote local development." [more]